This month, they were filming the next Avengers movie here in Edinburgh.

I’ll admit, I’m not a big superhero fan. The heroes tend to be pretty one-dimensional, and I’ve never understood the villains.

Why do they feel the need to kill people?

Why don’t they just use their abilities to make a load of money?

Take Magneto – the X-men nemesis – why doesn’t he go to Vegas and use his powers to control the roulette ball?

“Black 26. You win again, Mr Magneto!”

(Man, I’m going to get some hate mail for this…)

But, no, instead of getting rich on easy pickings, these villains have another idea: They’re going to have a winner-takes-all battle against a group of superheroes.

It never occurs to them that villains have a 0% win rate in those battles. So they end up getting beaten up, killed, or put in prison.

It makes no sense.

Are you running your business like a super villain?

Most businesses I consult with are using the supervillain strategy: They ignore all the easy ways to market their businesses. And, instead, choose to fight over search engine traffic with stronger competitors.

Again, it makes no sense.

Now, I’m not knocking search engine marketing. I’ve made my clients a lot of money using Google AdWords.

But I’ve made them far more money with less competitive (and cheaper) marketing.

And I’m thinking specifically about email marketing to their customer lists.

Why is it more profitable?

(A)    Because it’s free.
(B)    Because existing customers are far more likely to buy than strangers.
(C)    Because existing customers are less price-sensitive.
(D)    Because existing customers tend to buy higher-ticket items.

So, if you’re spending your marketing efforts chasing new clients – while ignoring your existing clients – you, like a super villain, are making life so much harder than it needs to be.

Maybe it’s time for a more logical approach?

All the best,

Steve Gibson