Email marketing may be the most profitable marketing you’ll ever do.

That’s because, according to a 2018 survey, the average ROI for an email marketing campaign is 37:1.

That means, for every £1 you invest, you can expect £37 back.

Not bad.

So why do so few businesses use email marketing?

Usually because of 3 reasons:

#1: Writing is hard.

#2: They don’t know what to say.

#3: They don’t have someone they can oursource the work to.

Well, I’d like to solve these problems for you.

But, rather than give you a sales pitch, I think it makes more sense to just show you some emails I’ve written. Sound good?

Great, here are the samples, just click on the subject lines to open the pdf:

I’m beginning to think my brother was adopted

Jamie and Charlie’s Brilliant Investment Strategy

Hoors and pickpockets

Tu veut gagner les millions?

Is your business a “Student Prince”?

A lesson from the “Jimi Hendrix of Marketing”

Those emails are all story based. Here’s an example of a simple “sale” email for an ecommerce client.

It used something in the news as a “reason why”:

15% off Nike this weekend

And, to get in touch with me, click here.

Steve Gibson