Copywriters who earn a million dollars a year rarely share their secrets. And, when they do, it’s normally in courses or seminars costing $2,000+.

So, when you are given the opportunity to learn from them for just a few dollars, it’s worth grabbing that opportunity with both hands.

Secrets of the A-Listers

If you believe, as Tony Robbins would say, “Success leaves clues”, then it must be true that the best copywriters in the world know and do things other copywriters don’t.

And that means, if you want to be an A-list copywriter, you need to learn from an A-list copywriter.

Introducing Parris Lampropoulos

Parris Lampropoulos is one of those million dollar copywriting unicorns. Clayton Makepeace – probably the highest paid copywriter in the world – labelled him one of the top 3 copywriters in America.

In an hour-long interview he gave to fellow copywriter Sean McCool, Parris revealed secret after secret. Including…

* What one ability separates A-list copywriters from B-list copywriters?

* The importance of giving your reader an “Aha!” experience – and two formulae for making this happen.

* What your copy must always have – and one way to get it.

* How to explain dry technical matters without losing your reader.

* What’s wrong with the AIDA formula? The missing step.

* Bad copywriters list features. Good copywriters give benefits. Great copywriters do this.

* How to deepen your prospect’s desire for your product.

* What Parris is most proud of in his career. (It’s not money or accolades.)

* Without this, it’s hard to write great copy about a subject. (Spoiler: it’s not “research”.)

* 1,000 hours of hell – Parris’ process for turning trainee copywriters into A-listers.

* How Parris’ first ever video sales letter beat the control by 117% – despite a blunder that made it hard to order.

* The $9 book on writing Parris insists his trainee copywriters read multiple times.

* An exercise that will teach you how to write copy your reader can’t put down.

* Parris’ step-by-step method for writing copy for information products.

* The best training for how to write bullets. A master class from a master copywriter – where to find this online for free.

* Should your bullets “push the envelope” and risk disappointing the buyer? How to strike the balance between intrigue and over-selling.

* Why you should give away secrets from an info product – and how to pick which secrets.

* The “3 deep” process for uncovering a product’s irresistible benefits.

* What you should do straight after you’ve written your headline.

* Where to find your headline when writing about physical products.

* Do this, and writing copy becomes easy.

* The inner game of copy. The mindset you need to become a successful direct response copywriter.

* Be careful who you learn from. Which “gurus” should you follow? Ask this question, and you won’t go wrong.

* Your headline is the most important part of your ad? Wrong, this is.

* The #1 reason why copywriting is the world’s coolest profession. (Hint: it’s not the money or the freedom.)

* Which marketing courses you should never buy.

* The single biggest piece of copywriting wisdom Parris has ever learned – it’s the difference between having your package tossed, and getting it read.

* And more…

How to get this exclusive interview

There’s only one place to find this interview, and that’s in the archives of AWAI’s Professional Writers’ Alliance.

And, alongside Parris’ interview, there are interviews with dozens of copywriters, including Clayton Makepeace, Bob Bly, Arthur Johnson, David Deutsch, and Richard Armstrong.

To find out more about the PWA – and what it can do for your career as a copywriter, click the link below:


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