Before I was a copywriter, I spent around 9 years working full-time in finance. This ranged from investment, to pensions, to banking, to life insurance.

So, if you’re a financial company looking for a copywriter who understands your business, I can help.

And, if you’d like to see some examples of my copywriting, here are some samples of financial copy I’ve written:

Letter to insurance brokers

This letter was written for a business insurance underwriter who wanted to encourage insurance brokers to use their services.

insurance underwriter letter

Referral generating email

This is an email I wrote a number of years ago for a financial client, offering to pay a commission to anyone who referred her clients:

What I learned from the World’s greatest salesman

Long copy homepage and landing page for accounting software company

I was managing their AdWords account. As part of this, I wrote a new PPC landing page which beat their existing page by around 20%. I also wrote a new version of their homepage, which beat their existing homepage in a split test.

Click on the links to see larger images:

Software Company Home Page

Accounting software landing Page

PPC Landing Page











Sales Letter – Loan company

Sales letter for mortgage + secured loans

Sales letter for mortgage + secured loans

I showed this letter to John Carlton – one of the world’s most respected copywriters – and got a “good job” from him.

Unfortunately, it was strangled at birth by the client’s network’s compliance people.

We’d make the changes they asked for, re-submit it – then, a few weeks later, they’d reply asking for some new, unrelated changes they wanted… if you’ve worked with compliance people, you may have encountered this sort of thing…

It was a real shame as I still believe the salesletter would have been very successful.