Why your smartphone could get you killed. (It’s not because of radiation or phone thieves.) Page 7. (See also p13.)

Pre-incident indicators: Why you can almost always see a threat coming and avoid it – if you know to look for these three signs. Page 18.

The secret to freeing your hands if they’ve been bound with duct tape. How anyone can easily escape in seconds. Page 58.

How to free your hands if they’re bound with zip ties. And the one thing you need to do first, otherwise it’s practically impossible. Page 58.

Why throwing away your shoelaces could save your life one day. Page 59.

How to free hands bound with rope – no matter how thick the rope. The trick is doing this one thing when you’re being tied. Page 60.

Does your home have Kwikset locks – 75% of homes have this brand and they’re easy to get past. Which brands you should buy instead. Page 75.

The terrifying reason why some burglars WANT you to be at home when they break in. Page 77.

The one thing – other than your house keys – you should never leave in your car. Page 82.

One thing you can put in your front yard that’ll make most burglars move on to another house. Page 83.

The $8 deterrent. A cheap object you can buy on Amazon that’ll scare off the majority of burglars. Page 83.

Why you should never store your valuables in your master bedroom – that’s the first place burglars look. Where you should keep them instead – and what you SHOULD store in your master bedroom. Page 93.

One place no burglar is going to look for valuables. Page  93.

Two things you should look for in a home safe – and the best room to keep it in. Page 94.

Most passengers who die in air crashes aren’t killed by the impact. Instead, they die from smoke inhalation after the crash. The single biggest mistake you can make when the cabin starts filling with smoke, and what you need to do immediately if you’re to survive an air crash. Page 98.

To increase your chances of surviving a take off crash: Six things you must do in the first three minutes of a flight, and seven things you should do before the plane takes off. (Including reading the emergency card: it’s there for a reason!) Page 102.

Three signs a foreign taxi is legit – if a taxi is missing any one of these, don’t get in, you could end up being kidnapped. Page 107.

Why you should never stay above the 6th floor in an American hotel. And which floors you should stay on instead. Page 114.

An inexpensive device you should use when staying in a hotel room. (Even more vital for women travelling alone.) Page 114.

Two countries, very popular with American tourists, you should think twice before visiting – they’re just too dangerous. Page 115.

In most kidnappings, muggings and home invasions, the victim has been under surveillance for hours, days or weeks. Learn how to run counter-surveillance to quickly discover whether you’re being targeted. Page 118.

The #1 Facebook mistake most people make. This makes it easy for conmen to use your profile to manipulate you. Page 158.

Why all people are bad liars – you just need to learn to read the signs. Page 163.

How your barber and your dry cleaner can help you disappear for good. Page 181.

Why, if you disappear, you can never drive again – even if you have a fake license and ID. Page 185.

How to make phone calls even the NSA can’t trace. Page 187.

How to create an email account that can’t be traced. Page 188.

If someone approaches your car and pulls out a gun, do you know what to do? (See page 205 for clear instructions.) Page 205.

How to avoid being carjacked at a red light. Just follow this simple – but practically unknown – rule. Page 205.

What to do if you’re carjacked. And what to do if you have a child in the back seat. Page 214.

What to do if someone tries to force you into a car. Yet another example where Hollywood advice can get you killed. Page 214.

How to ram a car. Do not do what you see in the movies, it can disable the car you’re in, and leave you a sitting duck. Page 217.

If the driver in your car has a heart attack – or is shot – here’s how to take control of the car. Page 218.

The secret to self-defense: everything comes down to just these few simple techniques. And how to master them is just two minutes a day. Page 219.

The #1 most effective self-defense technique. No matter how skilled, big or strong you are – or aren’t. Page 220.

Someone grabs you by the arm and tries to drag you into an alley or a van, what should you do? This simple – but counter-logical – technique can be used by anyone to free themselves. (Teach this to your kids, in case an adult tries to abduct them.)  Page 221.

The best way to get out of a bear hug – works almost every time, even if the attacker is much bigger and stronger than you. Page 221.

A two-finger strike move that’ll disable anyone who has you in a choke hold. (It’s not hitting him in his eyes.) Page 223.

The two types of punch people tend to throw, and how to block them easily. Page 223.