How important is copywriting?

Think about it this way: if someone has never used your product or service, what they’re buying isn’t that product or service, it’s what they believe about it.

A good copywriter knows how to frame your offer in a way that shows it in the best light.

He will also have a bag of copywriting tricks that will boost your conversion rate. And not just by a few percent…

 “Steve increased my average net sale by 36% just by adding a single sentence to my landing page.” – Ibrahim Kotwal, PeopleTraceOnline.co.uk

That 36% boost was a result of knowing which lever to pull. And, sometimes, it’s not just about the words you write, it’s about knowing how to arrange them on a web page…

A 481% increase in conversion rate

“Following the advice of Steve Gibson and giving greater thought to areas that he felt were overlooked I made some simple changes to the layout of my site all aimed at increasing customer confidence.

I was already aware of Steve’s reputation and expected to see an improvement in conversion rate; I was however pleasantly surprised to see an instant rise compared to the same period of the previous year of 481%. I am obviously extremely happy to enjoy so much benefit from his straight forward and simple advice.” – Jon Heeds, notanangel.co.uk