Tim’s latest (at time of writing, natch!) podcast is an interview with Derek Sivers.

If you haven’t heard of him, join the club. However, Derek is an interesting guy – both in terms of his business ideas and his ideas about how to live live.

As a teaser, here are – in chronological order – 20 things you can learn from this episode:

* 2 unique types of advice Derek gives Tim, when Tim asks for a “sanity check”.

* If you’re early in your career, follow this advice to maximise opportunities.

* A 4-word sentence that dissolves stage fright.

* A Kurt Vonnegut sentence that taught Derek how to be confident in any situation.

* “The standard pace is for chumps” – why, if you don’t set your own pace, you could waste years of your life.

* The specific steps Derek took that allowed him to graduate from Berkley College of Music in 2 years instead of 4. These tricks work for most subjects at most colleges.

* “Relaxing for the same result” – how Derek went from being stressed and miserable, to enjoying himself… with only a 4.5% drop off in results. An essential lesson for any type A personality.

* How one silly email – that took 20 minutes to write – created positive buzz on thousands of blogs.

* One question to ask yourself that’ll help you create the best product or service in your industry.

* Instant pay raise – when you can charge 40% higher prices without creating price resistance.

* Stick or twist? Derek’s 4-word credo that tells him when to grab an offer, and when to wait for something better.

* The secret to effective delegation. Do this and you’ll never have to micro-manage.

* 2 simple rules for healthy eating.

* Why boldly expressing strong opinions helps others – even those who will never agree with you.

* Why paying more for the exact same product or service can give you better value for money.

* How to thrive in an unknowable future.

* Make a decision today? Or wait until the last minute? Derek gives blunt advice on planning.

* Rich and happy? Just follow these 9 easy rules and you, too, can be broke and miserable.

* What’s the cause of most misery in our lives? And how to fix it.

* “Don’t be a donkey!” – how these four words can solve your career dilemmas.

You can download the podcast here:



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