Here are some samples of copy I’ve written:

Long copy homepage and PPC landing page for SAAS Company

Homepage and PPC landing page for  an accounting software company. You can click on the links to see larger images:

Software Company Home Page

PPC Landing Page

PPC Landing Page

Landing page for software Company

App development landing page for ppc

App development landing page for ppc

Autoresponder Sequence

This is an eight email sequence I wrote in 2016: 8 email sequence.


This postcard was written for an IT Support company: IT Support Postcard

Sales Letter – Financial Services

Sales letter for mortgage + secured loans

Sales letter for mortgage + secured loans

I showed this letter to John Carlton – one of the world’s most respected copywriters – and got a “good
job” from him. Unfortunately, it was strangled at birth by the client’s network compliance people.

We’d make the changes they asked for, re-submit it – then, a few weeks later, they’d reply asking for some new, unrelated changes they wanted… if you’ve worked with compliance people, you may have encountered this sort of thing.


I wrote the copy for this leaflet for a letting agency:

leaflet – Front

leaflet – Back

Information Marketing

Here is some copy I wrote to promote an SEO course. This copy was for my own email list. It it had been for people who didn’t know me, I would have written it differently. For example, I would have used more examples of top ranking sites, and used testimonials. Anyway, here it is:

If You’re Serious About Learning SEO

A couple of pieces of spec work that demonstrate my ability to write for information products. (Or anything that needs long copy.)

A $1m/year copywriter reveals… The Secrets To Becoming A High-Paid, In-Demand, A-List Copywriter


After 37 years of silence, the world’s greatest living copywriter finally spilled his secrets…


How a Lifelong Patsy and Pushover became the World’s Leading Authority on Persuasion

Long copy sales page

This copy was written for my own monthly newsletter. It’s an example of mixing valuable information and tying it to an offer: