Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q1: What sorts of copy do you write?

A1: Anything that moves the sale forward. That includes sales pages, sales letters, sign up pages, landing pages, emails – but also includes high-value sales content such as white papers, buyers’ guides, and special reports.

What I don’t write are low-value articles that are intended to do nothing other than get SEO links and social media likes/shares.

Q2: Do you write SEO copy?

A2: I don’t believe anyone writes SEO copy, other than SEOs. What’s passed off as “SEO copywriting” tends to be nothing other than “sprinkling the keywords around the copy.”

Which, according to a friend of mine, who is one of the best SEOs around – and a specialist in on-page SEO – is not how the Google algorithm works these days. And, the way most people do it, could easily have a detrimental effect.

My advice: If you want SEO, hire an SEO. (Or take my friend’s SEO training course.)

Q3: How do you charge?

A3: I charge by the project. Charging by the hour makes no sense as it rewards slow work. And charging by the word rewards bloated copy. As for “how much”, that depends on the amount of work involved.

Q4: Do you charge for re-writes?

A4: No. I’ll re-write anything that’s either inaccurate, misleading, or non-compliant. And, if there are specific changes you want, I’ll make those, too. But things like, “My spouse thinks it’s too salesy…”, aren’t useful feedback if you’ve hired me to write sales copy – especially if your spouse knows nothing about sales copy.

Q5: Do you offer a guarantee?

A5: Where possible, yes. If you have an existing sales piece, I’m happy to guarantee to beat it (in a scientific split-test) by 20% or more – or you get your money back. I think that’s fair.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for new copy, there’s nothing to test it against. Or, if you don’t get enough sales to run a split-test, testing isn’t possible either.

In which cases, I can’t offer a guarantee.