Here are some samples of copy I’ve written. To see the samples in full size, right click the images and open in a new tab.

Long copy homepage and PPC landing page for SAAS Company

To see these two samples in full size, click here and here.

Squeeze Page for Info Marketer

Here’s a squeeze page for a free report.

It’s an example of headline, intro, bullets and sign up form.

Click here to see the pdf.

Service page for IT Support Company

A page I wrote explaining an IT company’s IT Support service:

Read it here.

Emails and autoresponders

Here are a number of emails I’ve written over the last few years.

Most are story based – i.e. tell story, link to product, sell product/link to product page. Click on the links to open the pdf.

Subject lines:

I’m beginning to think my brother was adopted

Jamie and Charlie’s Brilliant Investment Strategy

Hoors and pickpockets

Tu veut gagner les millions?

Blame it on the bogey 

Is your business a “Student Prince”?

A lesson from the “Jimi Hendrix of Marketing”

How Darth Vader can help your opening prep

Those emails are all story based. Here’s an example of a simple “sale” email for an ecommerce client.

It used something in the news as a “reason why”:

15% off Nike this weekend

Financial Promo Lead

This is the lead for a Brexit-related financial promo.

Click here to see the pdf.

Letter for insurance underwriter

This is a letter I wrote for an insurance underwriter looking to get more brokers to use their services.

Click here to see the pdf.

Examples of Blog Posts

If you’d like to see examples of my blogging, you could check out my blog on this site.

I have another blog here.

If you’re looking for samples of long-form blog posts, I’d recommend checking out these three:

7 ways to use facebook targeting

My take on the Cambridge Analytica story

“I’ve seen the future, brother, and it’s murder”