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Discover how the right copywriter can connect with your prospects and increase sales.

What your prospect wants

Good copy starts with the prospect and understanding his existing problems and desires.

Ticking the boxes

And how your product or service ticks his boxes.

Increased sales

Which leads him to buying.

About Me

Meet your newest copywriter
Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson


I write emails, landing pages and web content for a variety of niches.

Some of my specialist subjects are:

Finance - I worked in finance for almost 10 years (including investment, pensions and life assurance)

SAAS - I've written successful copy for multiple SAAS companies.

Fintech - I have a finance background, used to be a programmer, have a science degree, and written for SAAS companies.

Engineering - I've written copy for a few B2B engineering companies.

Personal development/Hobbies - I play both guitar and chess. So, if you're selling instruction in those areas, I can help.

What my clients say

“A 481% increase in conversion rate”

John Heeds

“I was already aware of Steve’s reputation and expected to see an improvement in conversion rate; I was however pleasantly surprised to see an instant rise compared to the same period of the previous year of 481%.”

“Very Impressed With Your Professionalism”

Venka de Rooij

Must say I am very impressed with your professionalism, wish all marketers
were like you (that is clear advice without the bullshit)”

“36% higher profit per sale”

Ibrahim Kotwal

“Steve increased my average net sale by 36% just by adding a single sentence to my landing page.”

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My number is 07552 486 127.

(Standard UK office hours.)


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