Blame it on the bogey

In his excellent new book, Overdeliver, Brian Kurtz talks about the “bogey.”

It’s a term he learned from direct mail genius, Dick Benson.

It means the lifetime value of a customer.  And it’s one of the most important numbers in your business.

Why? Because it tells you how much you can afford to spend to get a new customer.

And how much you can afford to spend to get a new customer determines (more…)

What I hate about start ups

When I first heard the phrase “start ups,” I assumed it just meant new businesses. But I soon realised I was wrong.

They meant tech businesses whose goal was to get funding and then be sold to a larger tech company.

I would listen as they explained their plans. They’d talk about getting “users.” They wouldn’t talk about “customers” – because no-one was paying them any money.

And that’s where my (more…)

5 signs your business is cruisin’ for a bruisin’

A few weeks ago, Tex Gilligan was shot and wounded by one of his dogs.

According to the Las Cruces Sun News …

“Gilligan’s son, Mark Gilligan, said he wasn’t surprised to hear one of the dogs accidentally shot his father. ‘They’re kind of rowdy.'”

I can just imagine him saying, “Dad, if you don’t get rid of those dogs, one of them is bound to end up shooting you…”

But I get his point: (more…)