How a Lifelong Patsy and Pushover became the World’s Leading Authority on Persuasion

People in all walks of life – from professional persuaders to pick up artists – are using his techniques to influence & manipulate


Imagine you could – without any coercion – make a complete stranger beg you to take his money.

Or have a Playboy centrefold give you her phone number within minutes of meeting you… even though she’s a 10 and you’re only a 5.

Welcome to the new science of modern persuasion.

And the father of this science is Dr Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University.

His book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, has sold over 3 million copies, is a New York Times Bestseller, and has been translated into twenty-seven different languages.

He’s been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Scientific American, Financial Times, and the BBC, to name just a few.

And Dr Cialdini is in great demand as a consultant. His clients are a who’s who of international business… Google, Microsoft, Coca Cola, KPMG, Merrill Lynch, Nationwide Insurance, IBM, GlaxoSmithKline… He’s advised governments around the world, and helped President Obama get elected.

So how did Dr Cialdini become the world’s leading expert on influence and persuasion?

A Lifelong Pushover and Patsy

All his life, Dr Cialdini had been a pushover and patsy. Until one day, he asked himself: “What is it about the way that request was presented to me that made me say yes to something I didn’t want?”

To find the answer, he infiltrated sales organisations, ad agencies, PR firms, fundraising organisations… he even hung out with conmen…

And he discovered something interesting… everything they were doing could be boiled down to just 6 principles…

The 6 Master Keys of Influence

These 6 principles are… (more…)

After 37 years of silence, the world’s greatest living copywriter finally spilled his secrets…

Dear Fellow Copywriter,

When Gary Bencivenga retired a few years ago, he was widely regarded as the world’s greatest living copywriter.

Here are just a few things people said about him…

Best copywriter we’ve ever used. He’s given us more winners, more consistently, than anyone else.” — Phillips Publishing

“His name is the stuff of legend around here….Against other top creative talent, he has never lost a split-run test in selling any of our books.” —Rodale Press

Possibly the most respected copywriter in the direct marketing business.” —Who’s Mailing What

World’s greatest copywriter.” —KCI Communications

You can just about count the creative geniuses who revolutionized direct mail on the fingers of two hands….(They include) Gary Bencivenga.” – Target Marketing

America’s best copywriter” – Brian Kurtz, Boardroom Inc

But, unlike many other top copywriters, Gary (more…)

A $1m/year copywriter reveals… The Secrets To Becoming A High-Paid, In-Demand, A-List Copywriter

Copywriters who earn a million dollars a year rarely share their secrets. And, when they do, it’s normally in courses or seminars costing $2,000+.

So, when you are given the opportunity to learn from them for just a few dollars, it’s worth grabbing that opportunity with both hands.

Secrets of the A-Listers

If you believe, as Tony Robbins would say, “Success leaves clues”, then it must be true that the best copywriters in the world know and do things other copywriters don’t.

And that means, if you want to be an A-list copywriter, you need to learn from an A-list copywriter.

Introducing Parris Lampropoulos

Parris Lampropoulos is one of those million dollar copywriting unicorns. Clayton Makepeace – probably the highest paid copywriter in the world – labelled him (more…)

Tim Ferriss interviews Derek Sivers

Tim’s latest (at time of writing, natch!) podcast is an interview with Derek Sivers.

If you haven’t heard of him, join the club. However, Derek is an interesting guy – both in terms of his business ideas and his ideas about how to live live.

As a teaser, here are – in chronological order – 20 things you can learn from this episode:

* 2 unique types of advice Derek gives Tim, when Tim asks for a “sanity check”.

* If you’re early in your career, follow this advice to maximise opportunities.

* A 4-word sentence that dissolves stage fright. (more…)