We’d only been in Genoa for 45 minutes.

But we’d already been ripped off by a taxi driver, found our hotel room wasn’t ready, and I’d punched a kid in the face.

Maybe I should rephrase that.  

We’d been ripped off by a taxi driver, found our hotel room wasn’t ready, and two teenagers tried to pickpocket us.

Oh, yeah, and one of them got punched in the face…

But you should never judge a city too quickly. And that’s certainly the case with Genoa.

You should definitely wait until 6pm, when the old town’s doorways are suddenly filled with 40-year-old hoors in stockings and suspenders…

And, at that point, you should judge the hell out of it…

But back to the pickpockets…

A month before we went to Italy, I read a book by Bill Bryson. In it, he got pickpocketed by a group of kids in Florence. They distracted him with a message written on a piece of cardboard, while one of them stole his wallet.

So the moment those kids in Genoa showed us a piece of cardboard, I knew the score. I waited for them to go for my pocket and I was ready with a right jab.

Justice…. Scottish style.

So, what’s the lesson here?

The lesson is that many problems can be easily solved or averted if you’ve seen the problem before.

So, whatever your marketing bottleneck – whether you need more traffic, a higher conversion rate, improved customer retention, more back end sales… – chances are, I’ve seen it and solved it.

Multiple times.

So, why struggle with it? Why try to find the solution yourself? Why not cut out the struggle and piggyback on my 13 years’ experience?

If that makes sense to you, send me a message, and we can arrange a time to chat.

All the best,

Steve Gibson